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In order to bring Forever Forward Experience to life we will be running a crowdfunding campaign.


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What is FFE?

Forever Forward Experience will be a series of individually numbered cards the size of a credit card. When someone receives a card, they go out into the world and do an act of kindness for someone and serve them in some way. We call this a “positive experience.”


It could be paying for the coffee of the person behind you, mowing the lawn for someone who isn't able to do it themselves or making cookies and leaving them at someones door with an inspiring message.

After creating the positive experience, they pass the card to the recipient. The recipient is directed to the Forever Forward Experience website (or an App eventually) where they share what happened to them and the impact it had on their life. Then, they are able to see all the other things that have happened with the card before it made its way to them.  

It is now their turn to go out and create the next link in the chain by creating another positive experience.

Every time the chain is updated with a new experience, everyone involved can receive a notification so they can go check out the most recent activity and watch their chain grow and see how many links their positive experience has created.


The more cards there are, the more lives we can impact.


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All Videos

All Videos
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Service - ForeverForwardExperience

Service - ForeverForwardExperience

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Gratitude is the best way to enrich your life

Gratitude is the best way to enrich your life

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Change your mindset to overcome adversity

Change your mindset to overcome adversity

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“Small acts of service are like pebbles that,

when piled together, make a mighty mountain

that will transform the landscape of the world.”

Forever Forward Experience

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